Business loan for transportation and logistics


Set The Wheels In Motion For Your Transportation Business

The rise of e-commerce and retail giant Amazon have created a boom in the transport and logistics (T&L) industry.  Globalization and consumer behavior have meant products from all corners of the world are being shipped and delivered 24–7.   From air, rail, road, and water, the transport and logistics industry is vast and varied.  From single van operations to a whole fleet of transport vehicles, whether your business is in freight logistics, supply chain management, courier service, or passenger transport, your company plays a significant role that brings people and/or products together.

Making Sure Your Business Is Moving

Whether it’s vehicle maintenance, purchasing or renting new vehicles, installing new computer software to track shipments, inventory, or paying salaries having the working capital to operate your transport and logistics business can be challenging.  Now throw in when mother nature decides to create havoc in the skies or on the roads through snow fall, floods, or fires.  These events affect even the largest multinational companies.

Now You’re Going Places

We created Ferratum Business to provide the working capital for your business when you need it.  Ferratum Business provides fast, easy loans of up to $150,000 to transportation and logistics companies just like yours – no collateral required. 

You can rely on Ferratum Business for smart, fast and uncomplicated business loans.  Our application takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and the average application is approved within one business day.  You then receive the working capital you need in just one day. With Ferratum Business, you’re going places. Apply online now!