Retail and Wholesale Business Loan

Financing Business The Easy Way

While there’s a lot of talk about the increasing popularity of online shopping, retail and wholesale business owners still offer some things that online shopping simply cannot: convenience and inspiration.

When it comes to inspiration, nothing compares to the shopping experience.  Whether it’s a wholesale showroom for your furniture or lighting design business, or retail clothing store or bookstore, for consumers there’s nothing like experiencing the product in person. 

Retailers can transform their stores by providing an experience to shoppers both visually and emotionally.  Wholesalers can also provide inspiration by allowing consumers to see, first hand, what the product looks or feels like.

Convenience Is King

The other advantage retail and wholesale business owners have is convenience.  Consumers can walk into a retail store or warehouse, try and test the item, purchase on the spot and walk out with the product in hand. 

Retailers offer consumers the ability to purchase goods without running the risk of ordering the wrong size or colour online or having to wait for the item to arrive. 

Wholesalers often have showrooms showing consumers how to best display or use the product.

However, there’s a price that comes with offering convenience to your customers.

Setting Up Shop

Say, for example, you’re a florist owner and Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  With walk-in sales expected to be at an all-time high, you want to offer your customers a shopping experience by ensuring your store has a large assortment of white, pink, purple, peach, and red roses all in stock.

Ordering large quantities of inventory in advance could mean a large portion of your working capital will be tied up.  Along with purchasing stock, paying suppliers, and marketing your business for the annual Valentine’s Day rush, regardless of whether you own a retail or wholesale business, financing business can be tricky.

With Us, You’re Always In Business

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