Business Loan For Construction Industry

When it comes to improving and changing the way we live our lives, there is no industry more impactful than the construction industry.  Think about it – whether it’s the construction of buildings we work and live in, the roads we drive on, mining, or the manufacture and supply of products, the construction industry literally builds the world we all live in.

Having a Solid Foundation

Though demand will always exist, we know that the construction industry, like many other industries, experiences high and low seasons with projects and contracts varying greatly. 

We also know that receiving payment for services rendered is often be slow particularly when your clients are in the public sector.  In fact, we know that sometimes it can be months before you receive payment.  This paired with hiring additional labour and purchasing or renting new equipment to complete a particular job can be challenging for any business without healthy working capital available.

Building a Bridge

At Ferratum Business, we understand your business.  We created Ferratum Business to provide the working capital for your business when you need it.  Ferratum Business provides fast, easy loans of up to $150,000  to construction companies just like yours – no collateral required. 

You can rely on Ferratum Business for smart, fast and uncomplicated business loans.  We pride ourselves one fast, efficient and flexible business loans.  We’ve served thousands of satisfied clients and we’re growing rapidly. 

We understand time is money that’s why you can complete an application is just 5 minutes.  The average application is approved within one business day and you receive the working capital the following day. 

Build your business with Ferratum Business. Apply now!