Brighten Up Business With One of Our Business Loans

When it comes to market demand, the cleaning services industry is one such industry where demand will always be high.  For as long as we all work in offices and buildings, there will always be a need for cleaning. 

Whether you own a commercial cleaning service, residential cleaning service, or perhaps a specialty laundry/dry cleaning service, more so than any other industry, there is a dizzying array of machinery required for you to run your business.

From pressure washers, window cleaning systems, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, buffers, scrubbers/dryers, and floor machines which clean hardwood floors, tiles, as well as carpets, when it comes to having the right equipment, nowhere is it more important than the cleaning services industry.

Keeping Your Business Clean

When running a cleaning service business, we understand that a large portion of your working capital is tied up in the purchase or leasing of new equipment – not to mention a company van, inventory, and real estate if you’re running a dry cleaning or other specialty cleaning services.

Since machinery and equipment are so integral to the operation of your business, being able to respond to the unfortunate but seemingly inevitable breaking down of equipment without it affecting your business is vital. 

Crystal Clear Business Loans

Having working capital to attend to the maintenance and purchase of new equipment can be tricky for most small and medium businesses.  That’s why we created Ferratum Business to provide the working capital for your business when you need it.  Crystal clear, you can rely on Ferratum Business for smart, fast and uncomplicated business loans. 

Ferratum Business provides fast, easy loans of up to $150,000 to cleaning service companies just like yours – no collateral required.  Our application takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and the average application is approved within one business day.  You get the working capital you need in just one day. 

With Ferratum Business, your business is spotless. Apply now!